Friday, January 21, 2011

Sex Toys for Men

Did you know there were really neat sex toys for men. First Toy I found out about is the Fleshlight consists primarily of a sleeve that fits into a flashlight-shaped shell. The outer dimensions measure at 10" long x 3.5" across, while the shell has three parts: the main body, an air release valve / cleaning access cap at the back, and a lid on the main opening to safeguard the Real Feel Super Skin sleeve when not in use.

The Fleshlight is available in 4 orifice types and 6 internal textures. Orifice types include the Mouth, the Lady (shaped like a vagina), the Butt and the non-descript (which looks a lot like a coin slot). The smooth sleeves come in Original, Super-Tight and Ultra-Tight (featuring smooth interiors), while the textured sleeves are Super Ribbed (features a high frequency series of ribbing), Speed Bump (features a series of small knobs), and the Wonder Wave (features a cross between the original and super ribbed).
Cool Huh?

Men, would you ever try these?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Making Love Vs. F-cking

My bestfriend came over my house today and was randomly searching on youtube.She came across a youtube video from Montana ( Basically chick was talking about the difference between making love and having sex.
Some of her points are valid and I understand where chick is coming from, but I feel differently about the subject. I did a post on it on my other site. Click here to read

Below is the video of Montana speaking on the manor.